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South Africa is again experiencing racial violence

Two young women leaving a shop after stealing goods from the shop owned by foreigner

Xenophobia violence has emerged again in South Africa, especially in most Kwazulu Natal and Soweto areas. Two people were killed in fighting between the locals and foreigners in the town of Soweto, according to police.

Activities in many areas of Soweto are hosted, with hosted shops being loaded with goods following the violence.

The number of these foreign-owned shops have been built in neighboring settlements and has been owned by citizens from other countries such as Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Pakistan.

The situation has also caused many owners of shops to pack their products and leave the city with fear of more violence.

According to police, the violence started in one shop, after the local residents accused the owner of a Somali-based shop owner to attack him and kill a young boy who claimed he was trying to break his shop.

The residents also blame the shop owners, many of whom are visitors, selling outdated foods.

According to witnesses, there is a WhatsApp message that has been circulating in South Africa to warn anyone, who has rented apartments for foreign nationals especially Somalis, to expel them before 8 September this year, otherwise all homes and shops will be burned.

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