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Amazon ranked number one in value among global brands

WPP advertising and communications holding and consulting company has presented the annual ranking of the most expensive global brands BrandZ Top 100. For the first time in the last 12 years, neither Google nor Apple managed to top the list.

In the first place, analysts put Amazon, the world’s largest retailer, cloud services leader and manufacturer of the world’s most popular Echo smart speakers. Since last year, when Jeff Bezos’s company ranked third in the BrandZ rating, its brand valuation increased by 52% to $ 315.5 billion.

The creators of the rating explain their decision with Amazon’s ability to find new ways to generate revenue, the excellent quality of services provided to consumers, and the ability to stay ahead of the competition by offering a diversified ecosystem of products and services.

Apple ranked second (309.5 billion, + 3% by 2018), and third (309 billion, + 2%) ranked Google. These two companies invariably occupied the first two lines of the BrandZ rating, sometimes changing places, since 2007. Here are some more interesting facts from the Kantar brand rating for the 2019th year:

  • Alibaba has become the most expensive Chinese brand (131.2 billion, + 16%), for the first time having displaced Tencent, which has fallen in price by 27% to 130.8 billion. The companies took the 7th and 8th places in the ranking, respectively.
  • Facebook, despite all the scandals, retained 6th place, losing only 2% of the brand value (158.9 billion). Instagram is in 44th place with an estimated $ 28.2 billion.
  • In addition to Amazon (+ 52%), Netflix showed a strong growth (34th place, + 65%, 34.3 billion) and Uber (53rd place, + 51%, 24.2 billion). The top 100 also included Xiaomi (74th place, 19.8 billion), Meituan (78th place, 18.8 billion) and Haier (89th place, 16.2 billion) for the first time.

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