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PUBG named the most profitable game for smartphones

Mobile version of the multiplayer shooter PUBG Mobile has been recognized as the most profitable game on smartphones. Last month, the hit brought its creators revenue of $ 146 million, writes The Financial Times referring to the report of the analytical company Great Wall Securities.

In addition, PUBG Mobile holds the title of one of the most popular online games in history with an audience of half a billion people. The MMO shooter is the leader in the royal battle genre and on mobile devices: over 100 million people play it monthly.

The report takes into account the revenue from the sale of items and skins in Game For Peace, the “peace-loving” version of PUBG Mobile for the Chinese market, which has tougher laws regarding violence in games. In the censored version of the “survival simulator”, there is less bloodshed: there, for example, a dead player leaves a lootbox, after which he stands up and waves a friendly farewell.

According to Great Wall Securities, in May, PUBG Mobile earned $ 76 million, Game For Peace – $ 70 million. The closest competitor, Honor of Kings from Chinese Tencent, managed to raise $ 125 million in the same time.

In the spring, a ban on playing the PUBG (including the mobile version) by minors was imposed by the authorities of the Indian state of Gujarat, which led to several dozen arrests . The “survival” taboo was caused by the fact that it negatively affects the psyche and health, and also provokes aggression and violence among young people.

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